100 Georgian Village Libraries to Be Renovated in 2019



The Equilibrium Movement, founded by the General Director of the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia, Giorgi Kekelidze, has initiated a project to renovate more than 100 libraries in Georgian villages in 2019.

Equilibrium was launched in 2012 with the main aim to revive and recover libraries located in the villages. The initiative involves equipping the libraries with books and computers and retraining the employees.

Since its inception, the movement has supported various other projects, including ‘Books for Every Village’, ‘Books for the Mountainous Villages’, and ‘Internet Access for all Rural Libraries’, funded by the Presidential Reserve Fund. It has also equipped a number of square libraries in different Georgian regions, including the rural areas located close to the Occupation Line. Equilibrium has already left its ‘footprint’ in more than 800 villages.

Giorgi Kekelidze noted the popularity of Equilibrium and the significance of civic engagement in the numerous projects initiated by it.[:]